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The New York Times In Play On, Exploring How Elite Athletes Improve with Age



OutsideThe Secret to Athletic Longevity is Surprisingly Simple 

“a fast and fun read”


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The Guardian SportsblogRoger Federer Turns Back Time at 36 but Andy Murray Faces Hard Questions

“an excellent read”


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The VergeWhy We’re Going to See More and More Older Athletes. Jeff Bercovici’s “Play On” Investigates the Factors that Keep Athletes Performing


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The Times UKStay an Ace on the Court: The Fitness Secrets of Federer and Williams


Publisher’s Weekly 

“Energetic romp through sports gerontology…Bercovici smartly separates science from quackery…offers stimulating information and practical insights to health-minded readers.”


Kirkus Reviews 

“Plimpton-esque…A solid work of sports journalism and encouraging reading for jocks who are late to the game but committed to win all the same.”


The Public Library AssociationJeff Bercovici on Fitness, Freshness and Redefining “Peak Age” 


The Palm Beach PostNew Book Helps Weekend Warriors Stay in the Game

“Fun, fast-paced and engaging first person exploration of the myriad ways that technology and medical science have combined in the last decade…No matter one’s fitness and athletic ability, Play On provides the kind of valuable – and interesting – information everyone can use.”




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